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Lockdown #Covid19 - Tips to keep it up!

While staying at home due to coronavirus, parents and carers may be worried about their children's development and the effect of missing school. Also parents and carers are giving themselves too much pressure to help their children with homeschooling.

Please, don’t be too severe and demanding, no one expects parents to act as teachers or to provide activities or feedback as schools would. Just do your best to support their learning while dealing with other demands.

The change of routine and staying at home may make this time difficult for some children and parents, don’t forget : the purpose of our life is to be happy. Don’t push your children or yourself too much. Bear in mind that, this is just a temporary situation.

Here are some tips to do with your little one while staying at home :

  • Dancing

  • Laugh often

  • Crafts

  • cooking/bakering

  • Workout

  • Listen to the music

  • Boarding games

  • Open discussion

  • Encourage children to express their feelings with writing, acting, drawing, painting….

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