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Kumba massacre !

Saturday the 24th of October 2020, a group of men stormed into Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy in Kumba with machetes and guns, they killed seven children, 13 children were also injured when they jumped from windows to escape.

Children were slaughtered with an unbearable cruelty and barbarity. They were there to study, to learn. This massacre took place in a school, the place supposed to teach and protect them.

Cameroon declared a national mourning day on the 31st of October for his children it unfortunately failed to protect.

We are all shocked and revolted, we feel helpless and useless. What can we do? What could we do? We have no answer… But we can act by keeping educating through our actions, more training, more books to all the children with hope that the future generations will be better armed with knowledge which remains the most powerful weapon.

Join us today and help with donations : books, IT materials or financially.

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